Explore While Quarantined?

What a time to start a blog on exploring the first coast! (sarcasm) So like many of you, we have holed ourselves up at home not leaving the house unless it is to work or to run out for essentials. We were not able to stock up like most because we had to wait to do our grocery run until we got paid (bi-weekly) and by then people had already cleared most things out, like the toilet paper. But boy oh boy I found me a couple of hefty industrial style rolls at a discount food store that so far has lasted over a week with 5 people in the house!

So toilet paper aside I thought I would do a post on different things you can do while stuck in the house to pass the time either as a family or on your own since we can’t really venture out and about at the moment.

Virtual Tours

Live Cams

Reading Material

Apps for Kids

Family Fun

  • Have a dance party in silly dress-up clothes
  • Help your kids write a simple slapstick skit and post it on Facebook for family and friends.
  • Start a family Youtube channel.
  • Get everyone in the family to pick one ingredient from the cupboard and try to make a meal using all the ingredients, a home version of Chopped! You know you have some pickled pigs feet in the back of the cabinet somewhere!
  • Learn how to do a new exercise like yoga, there are a lot of videos on Youtube.
  • Play eye spy in your backyard.
  • Layout in the backyard and see what you see in the clouds.
  • Start a blog.
  • Start a family journal.
  • Have a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items and go out in your car and find everything on your list. Just don’t leave your car, take a picnic with you!
  • Research history in your town/city and go on a driving tour.

Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be boring but in all honesty, I think today’s kids could stand to be a little bored now and then. Aside from all the things listed above, you can take this time to teach your kiddos how to do things that aren’t really taught anymore. Like folding a fitted sheet, making certain foods from scratch like alfredo sauce, bread, apple sauce or butter. It is like home economics and chemistry all in one! (and if you don’t know either, it will be all the more fun for the kiddo). For the older kids, you could teach them about interest rates and how to apply for a loan.

The best advice I can give those of you not used to being home with your kids all day every day is to set up a schedule with timers/alarms on your phone to keep you all on task. It will help the day go by a lot smoother. Just remember that anything you do with your kids is going to be what they remembered about being home not the lack of toilet paper (yeah I went there again) or tension settling in on everyone.